Which models does the player support?

Because of system and model discrepancies between different Android phone providers and hardware configurations, certain models may experience problems with the media player. We will continue to increase compatibility with lower models. Snapdragon 800 and CPU models with equal or greater performance and CPU models are recommended to achieve optimal playback results.

List of tested compatible models:

Brand Model CPU Model Number Playback results
Xiaomi Xiaomi note(Android6.0.1) Snapdragon801
Xiaomi Xiaomi Max(Android 6.0.1) Snapdragon650
Xiaomi Xiaomi MI 4C(Android 6.0.1) Snapdragon801
Xiaomi Xiaomi3(Android 6.0.1) Snapdragon801
Xiaomi Red Mi note3(Android 5.0.2) Helio X10 Slightly dropped frames
Xiaomi Red Mi note3(Android 5.1.1) Snapdragon650 Slightly dropped frames
Meizu Meizu note3 (Android 5.1) ARM Cortex-A53
Meizu MeizuMX4(Android5.0.1) MT6595 Slightly dropped frames
OPPO OPPO FIND7(Android4.3) Snapdragon801
Nubia nubia Z7 Max(Android4.4.2) Snapdragon801
Samsung Samsung note3 (Android 4.3) Snapdragon800
LeTV LeTV 2 Le X620(Android 6.0) MT6797 Incomplete Display
LeTV Le1 Pro Letv X800(Android5.0.2) Snapdragon801 Probability of black screen
Huawei Huawei P9(Android 6.0) Kirin 955 Slightly black frames
Huawei Huawei MATE8(Android 6.0) Kirin 950 Slightly black frames
Huawei Honor 7( Android 5.0.2) Kirin 935
Huawei Honor 7i( Android 5.1.1) Snapdragon616
Huawei Honor 6 Plus( Android 4.4.2) Kirin 925
Huawei Huawei Changxiang 5( Android 5.1) MT6735 Slightly dropped frames
Huawei Honor Changwan 5X(android5.1.1) Snapdragon615 Slightly dropped frames
Huawei Huawei Changxiang 5S(android5.1) MT6735 Incomplete Display
Huawei Huawei Mate7(android 4.4.2) Kirin 925
Huawei Honor 4A(android 5.1.1) ARM Cortex-A7 Slightly dropped frames
Huawei Honor 4C(android 4.4.2) Kirin 620 ×
Huawei Huawei P7-L09(android4.4.2) ARM Cortex-A9 ×